Revista de Medicina Interna. AMICAC.


Año VII. 2015 No.7

Mes Julio 2015

Small Brain Lesions and Incident Stroke and Mortality A Cohort Study. B. Gwen Windham, MD, MHS; Bradley Deere, MD;
Although cerebral lesions 3 mm or larger on imaging are associated with incident stroke, lesions smaller than 3 mm are typically ignored..............

Electronic Cigarettes: Aggregate Harm. Thaddeus Bartter, MD.
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are a new and divisive force in the struggle against tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. Tobacco products are the greatest cause of preventable death and disability in the world. The key issue in the debate.........

Warning Symptoms Are Associated With Survival From Sudden Cardiac Arrest Eloi Marijon, MD, PhD*; Audrey Uy-Evanado, MD.
Survival after sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) remains low, and tools for improved prediction of patients at long-term risk for SCA are lacking. Alternative short-term approaches aimed at preemptive risk stratification and prevention are needed.