Revista de Medicina Interna. AMICAC.


Año VII. 2015 No.12

Mes Diciembre 2015

Combined Diet and Physical Activity Promotion Programs for Prevention of Diabetes: Community Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement Nicolaas P. Pronk, PhD, and Patrick L. Remington, MD.
Community Preventive Services Task Force recommendation on the use of combined diet and physical activity promotion programs to reduce progression to type 2 diabetes in persons at increased risk.........

Good Publication Practice for Communicating Company-Sponsored Medical Research: GPP3
Wendy P. Battisti, PhD; Elizabeth Wager, PhD.
This updated Good Publication Practice (GPP) guideline, known as GPP3, builds on earlier versions and provides recommendations for individuals and organizations that contribute to the
publication of research results sponsored or supported by pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and..........

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Compressive median neuropathy at the wrist, also known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), is the most common entrapment neuropathy, accounting for about 90% of all such disorders. It is estimated to occur in up to 3.8% of the general population with a yearly incidence rate of 276:100 000 (1, 2). Various occupational and personal factors predispose to CTS, including age, sex, and obesity. In the working population...........